No matter their size, their product or service, or how they're structured, most businesses share a common desire to work more productively.


That's where The Taligent Group can help. Our highly specialized accounting team will:


  • Provide accurate and timely accounting information
  • Work with you to add/create scalability in your accounting department
  • Support or manage your accounting function
  • Highlight opportunities for direct cost savings
  • Ensure long-term, seamless continuity in service



We hire some of the industry's brightest accounting experts and are committed to investing in their ongoing learning. Our commitment to quality includes:


  • Specialized in-house training for all staff
  • Regular attendance at accounting conferences
  • Access to a proprietary database that is constantly updated
  • Ongoing knowledge transfer based on key learnings from client engagements



Just-in-time staffing is a delicate balance.


With too few staff, you risk burning out your employees when times are busy. And with too many, you risk a loss of productivity and enable a 'make work' culture.


Helping you to scale up or down is second nature for the experts at The Taligent Group. We can work with you to protect your long-term and short-term staffing requirements. Which means one less headache for you.



Our highly specialized outsourced accounting specialists care about cost savings for our clients.


There are several ways to do this, including improved accounting processes and productivity gains through a variable cost structure.


We'll look at your options and work closely with you to enhance the performance of your business's accounting processes.


That's the power of working with the experts at The Taligent Group.


What our clients say


“Before I hired The Taligent Group, I was never confident in the accounting information provided by our accounting function. Now that The Taligent Group manages all of the financial reporting, it's given me the peace-of-mind to know that I have the right information when making decisions.”


Scott Turner
Imperial Vending Services Inc.

“We decided to outsource our entire accounting function to The Taligent Group seven years ago. In the time they have worked for us, I have known them to be extremely thorough and absolutely reliable. They are responsive, respectful, accessible, and in everything they do, I have the peace of mind of knowing that it complies with the latest accounting rules and is backed by their top people. I also trust them because they are knowledgeable about the not-for-profit sector. Their work gives me and the Board a lot of confidence.”


Bernnitta Hawkins
Executive Director
Red Door Shelter